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One of the biggest issues that people have to worry about with so many of their files, pictures and important documents being stored on their computer is the loss of hard drive data. However, with Norton Ghost, you can protect your files and keep them safe by backing them up on an extra partition or an external or network drive. This way, even if your operating system stops working or your computer ends up with a virus, your files will still be safe.

Norton Ghost allows you to back up entire hard drives or just selected folders. Additionally, setting up these backups is simple because Norton Ghost provides a user friendly backup wizard that walks you through the process step-by-step. Additionally, you can have multiple backups set up, and you can even schedule regular updates so that your files are backed up daily, weekly or monthly. This way you can be sure that if your computer crashes, you will have the most recent copies of files and folders.

Even better, you can create a complete copy of your hard drive as it is. This includes your operating system, programs, files and all of your settings. With a copy of your hard drive, you can simply format the hard drive that is giving you the problems and copy your backed up hard drive over. This eliminates the need to reinstall your operating system and all of your programs.

It is important to note that making copies of your files, especially if you are backing up your entire hard drive with Norton Ghost, can take time. It is usually best to schedule automatic backups in the middle of the night when you are not likely to need to use your computer.

Norton Ghost is a software that allows you to back up all of your important files, or even your entire hard drive.

It’s a straightforward program, prompting you with an easy setup wizard the first time you use it. Norton Ghost allows you to create restoration points, ensuring that a system crash won’t be the end of your hard drive.

What’s even more convenient, is that you can schedule when you want to back up your files. Which is good news, since backing up a hard drive takes a while. If you’re expecting super speeds from Norton Ghost for your back up, think again. However, since you can schedule when and how you want to back up your PC, the timing is less of an issue.

And don’t think you have to back your entire hard drive every time. You can also choose only to back up certain folders, and still have your other backups stay on schedule.

Norton Ghost is effective, easy to use, and you’ll be glad you have it next time you’re having computer troubles.


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